What is Moxie?

Moxie is an attitude of fearlessness to face this amazing life we’ve been given with excitement, nerve, and grace. It’s gumption and drive. It’s determination.

When I was 20 years old, someone I really admired gave me one of my favorite compliments ever! He said I was full of moxie! He was so impressed at how I connected with a room full of strangers when most people would be totally intimidated!

I love being brave and stepping out of what seems safe into something amazing! Turns out it’s a skill that I’ve cultivated to build an awesome life!

Oh my dearest people I could not be happier to have found Lori and to be one of her clients! She has brought me to a place in my business that has truly helped me grow my business and customer relationships. Lori’s coaching has taught me so much about my thoughts and how they are a direct negative or positive influence to everything I do. Her coaching and methodology flows over to my personal life too, and that just makes for a happier me! Don’t hesitate to explore working with Lori, she will “Crank Up Your Moxie” for sure!

Lyn Fried, Independent Sales Director

It’s exciting and empowering to dive into a thought download with Lori and come out The Victor over my negative thoughts, my stinking thinking, my old patterns of behavior. She is an honest and trustworthy life coach! She has helped me put our marriage back towards where I merely prayed and hoped it could be taken, by the power of changing my thoughts/feelings/ behavior. I love our sessions together! She is an answer to my prayers!

Linda Carney, OTR/L, Homeschooling Mom

Work with me!

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