A Little About Me

Hi-I’m Lori! So nice to meet you!

I am a mom of 7 beautiful kiddos who I have been homeschooling for 24 years. I have been divorced for almost 3 years and was forced to enter the workforce at 47 years old! Wanting to continue homeschooling while not living in poverty, I was able to create an amazing business where I worked about 5 hours per week and made 6 figures my first year!



My kids needed me to – I needed to.

I had no doubt that there were opportunities out there that would work for my life and generate the income I needed.

I had no doubt that I was capable.

Single moms figure out how to make things happen. They have to.

That’s moxie. With it, people are empowered and forceful. They are determined and confident. They continue in a course of action with a casual “I got this” demeanor that shows their backbone, grit and fire.

I discovered that with a lot of gumption and drive I could do amazing things!

I took control of my mind and created on purpose the life I wanted.

Then I found life coaching after all that and found that it just gave a vocabulary to all that I have practiced my whole life!

I’m now 50 years old and I still have that business that supports my big family and a life that I absolutely love!

And now I’m doing it again.

I have the incredible privilege to teach other people how they can find their moxie, crank it up by changing their thinking, and create their own amazing lives!

I hope you come join in the fun!